AI & Sci-Fi: Fall 2015 syllabus for Humanism, Science, and Technology

Faculty are given a lot of latitude when developing our sections for the liberal arts capstone class at LaGuardia, Humanism, Science, and Technology. The original impetus for this class was that I really, really wanted an excuse to teach the Battlestar Galactica reboot; that, and the theme dovetails with the NEH faculty seminar I was part of last year and will join again this coming year, Technology, Self, and Society. It pains me to say this, but BSG did not make the final cut: there were so many other excellent sci-fi films/shows suggested by colleagues and friends that more directly engaged with the debates surrounding technology and artificial intelligence. Students will also create a design plan for and then execute a multimedia project that draws on our class readings, viewings, and discussions (and, I hope, some of the genre conventions we’ve encountered as well).

I played with Piktochart for the first time to make the class syllabus (they have a discount for educators) – the course schedule (still very much under construction) is linked in the syllabus. Many thanks to Scott Dexter, Frank Episale,  Robert Davis, Annie Dell’Aria, Joy Sanchez-Taylor, Elisa Legon, Christopher Schimdt, Carlos Hiraldo, Karina Hamalainen, C. Jason Smith, and Phyllis van Slyck for their crowd-sourced suggestions on Facebook – sorry I couldn’t squeeze everything into the class, folks! The semester doesn’t start until September, if anyone feels more changes are merited.

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